"My once love" - Shafkat Khan

"My once love" - Shafkat Khan

We had been intimate, you remember?
Like lovers forlorn,
I only knew you and loved you so.
Stretch marks of capitalism upon your breasts
were heavenly to me,
and greedy claws bloodying your back
only incited my lust for you.

I left you with hope of returning one day
and you never lacked of lovers;
though your face could be misshapen as any;
            you could smell of unhealth;
            your smile, even on a sunny day, could be prosaic.

I return to you to witness
the greedy capitalists attempting
a complete reconstruction of your face, breast, ass;
and the cutting is only half done.
You struggle to adjust to this new appearance.

Like a snake trying to fit in its outgrown skin,
you and I try to fit in as we once were
to ourselves, to each other.
We try to ignore the knives' merciless cutting of you,
               to ignore how ungrateful a lover I am 
               to forget you and seek others.                                                            

We try to forget that despite you once being
my definition of life and beauty
you and I will chivvy each other
like a snake trying to fit in its outgrown skin.

I return to you, my once love.
You were my first city
and you will forever remain so.
Just forgive me if we don't lose ourselves
                            in loving each other
                            like we once did. 

"My once love" is Shafkat Khan's first poem on the Word of Mouth site. It was originally posted on his travel blog, When I returned to these shores. His poetry blog is What I think, see, and live is all to share with you. (photo of Shakat Khan at Casa Orquideas, 2010.)

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