"O Possum, O Possum" - Charley Seagraves

(Elegy for a possum I ran over--accidentally)

Possum don't stand a chance,
Possum ain't got no luck,
Possum gets no respect,
Possum's life must really suck.

Possum's not much for looks,
Possum's ugly as homemade sin,
No one cares 'bout possum,
Poor ol' possum ain't got a friend.

Possum sleeps all day,
Possum don't have a clue,
I pity poor ol' possum,
You never see a possum in the zoo.

Possum ain't all that fast,
Possum ain't all that smart,
Possum's downright dumb,
Possum barely made it onto Noah's ark.

Possum tries to cross the road,
Waits until past midnight,
Stops halfway, decides to play dead
When he sees my truck headlights.

Possum's life ends with a thud,
Possum never even sees it coming,
Possum dies in the road alone,
Possum smiles before succumbing.

O possum, O possum,
Now look to the heavens above,
O possum, O possum,
Born with a mug only a mother could love.

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