"Hotel Luciano" - Lucian Horescu

"Hotel Luciano" - Lucian Horescu 
(translated by Katrina Horescu Kovac)

My heart is a cheap hotel, with 365 rooms
open year round.
no Taliban accepted, no bourgeois or petrodollars ...
only Athenian bohemia

Nichita left me an empty Stolichnaya bottle,
Kenna a strand of her hair.
Aralee and Don, a strong odor of Marlboro.
Theodor, Constantin, and Ioan, 3 books of poetry ...
Who reads anymore?

The last visitor, Emilia, asked me:
How much for 1 night, 3 people, 1 bed?
A photo of your black eyes, bellissima.

Once a month, on the first Wednesday,
I rent out all the rooms.
I set up tents in my lungs.

And our breaths, Terrapin-scented, rise to the sky ...
a sacrifice for Aralee and her Muses,
to protect us from bad poetry.

Inima mea este un hotel ieftin,  cu 365 camere,
Deschis tot anul.
Nu primesc Talibani, Burghezi, sau Petrodolari ... 
Numai Bohema Ateniana.

Nichita mi-a lasat o sticla de Stolichnaya goala,
Kenna o suvita din parul ei. 
Aralee si Don, un puternic miros de Marlboro. 
Theodor, Constantin si Ioan, vreo 3 carti de poezie.... 
Cine mai citeste, astazi ?  

Ultimul vizitator, Emilia, m-a intrebat:
Cat costa o noapte, 3 persoane, un pat ?  
O fotografie cu ochii tai, bellissima. 

Odata pe luna, prima miercuri, 
Inchiriez toate camerele. 
Asez corturi in plamanii mei.  

Si respiratiile noastre, cu miros de Terapin, se ridica la cer....
Un sacrificiu pentru Aralee si Muzele ei, 
Sa ne fereasca de poezie proasta.

("Hotel Luciano" was read at Word open mic in the original Romanian by Luciano and in English by Emily Gundlach on October 1. July 2014 photo by Michelle Castleberry.)

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