"Giving thanks" - Mark Bromberg

"Giving thanks" - Mark Bromberg

T his is just a word (or two) from me. I like to
H ear my brains go rattling about 
A t Donderos every Wednesday u-
N til the coffee should run out. I ought to 
K eep the Muse happy, instead of telling her to
S hut up. I can't abide her chatter while I'm
G iving thoughts their due. 
I f these words aren't right, then I'll begin again; oh, she's
V ery clever, that woman, when I don't have a clue.
I offer here a tribute to her who keeps me driven.
N othing can express my thanks 
G iven all that I've been given.

Nov 26 2014
7:45 am

Calliope (Καλλιόπη) is the Muse of Epic Poetry, the source of heroes and great adventures. With her writing tablet in hand, she was said to be the muse of Homer as he wrote the Odyssey and Iliad. The illustration above is by Elizabeth E. Schuch.

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Hey mark! Justin Black here! I lost your email. Here's mine: justingirlblack@gmail.com hope to hear from you soon