"God bored" - Eugene C. Bianchi

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"God bored" - Eugene C. Bianchi

Does the Lord get bored with religion?

She likes good deeds but it's the other stuff

the preening prayer and fluff

the same old same old groans

in liturgies and preacher tones:

make it rain make it shine

favor me favor mine

now and then a sincere sigh

for suffering that makes her cry

but mostly stale ideas frozen in time

pinned on her without reason or rhyme.

Snap the incantations

let the pope call a square dance for thousands in St. Peter's

“Swing your partner, come round right…”

or flood the piazza

for ice skating on New Year's Eve

gliding under confetti in his skimobile

bless you children one and all

or watch a supernova burst and shine

over pasta putanescha and strong wine.

He lifts a jovial bread and dances the unmasked ball

a sweating pontiff down to his pantalone and Gucci reds

circles arm in arm with stellar remnants

as his own last light dims in joy.

Alleluia thunderclap
Some festival that. 
"God Bored" appeared online at Eugene Bianchi's website. His latest collection is Chewing Down My Barn: Poem from the Carpenter Bees.[Photo by David Noah]

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