"The Life of Spice" - Alx Johns

"The Life of Spice" - Alx Johns

Which came first
the chicken or the mummy?
preserving the flesh or making it yummy?

Someone shook flowers
at the tomb's breath
like the little sling of David.
Once upon a time,
frankincense fought Frankenstein. 

the chili sauce's skill
to form your focus for
the moment, a mouthful
of forgetting
in nasal drip and forehead sweat.

Bury the carrion
in peppers, petals, and seeds,

add some salt, and carry that
carcass clear
across the desert. 
Do more than survive.

Alx Johns' first collection, Robot Cosmetics,  has just been published. "The Life of Spice" by Alx Johns and artwork / printing by Paul Moxon [above] was the third in a 2013 series of  broadside collaborations between writers and artists at Smokey Road Press, Athens, Georgia. His work was selected as the 2012-2013 winner of The Pavement Saw Press chapbook award; he is tonight's featured reader at Word of Mouth Cincinnati.

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