"Unexpected" - A poet bee

"Unexpected" - A poet bee

our poet bee,
is large and solitary.
She's rude and crude
and does not live
in any hive.
Instead she tunnels
in wood
and feeds pollen to
her brood.
At this she's very good.

She doesn't dance
nor take the chance
to follow sterile sisters
to work the flowers
to make honey
for mother queen,
who has a contract
with a keeper,
who sells their sweat
and sweet labour
for money.

Too obscene.
Virginica's wise.
She skips that scene.

Much she knows:
in flowers are lies.
Pollen and nectar,
and deadly surprises.
Such it goes,
she realises.

An unquestioning sister,
with dance directions,
finds some showy petals.
Too late for reflections.

A crab spider's grab,
and the sister's a meal.
Soon freeloader flies 
will be there to steal.

Unlucky sister, worker,
we're so sorry and sad.
What a horrible deal.
You were had.
Apparent success
and then the

The poet bee
is independent
and free.
She's alive,
as are we.

What a buzz.

A poet bee is frequently seen around the UGA campus and often at The Globe. More of the bee's poetry can be read at this link. If you'd like to learn more about bees, check out the poet's Bee Hunt! page. It's worth a buzz by. [photo above: Xylocopa virginica, pollinating Passiflora incarnata, by John Pickering]

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