"Artemis" - Gregory de Rocher

"Artemis" - Gregory de Rocher

At dusk she rises, ghost-like, from beyond the forest.

Ascending, slow to assume full posture
yet all the while hunting, she studies for hours
the rising tides and the restless movements of men,
before quitting her vigil.

She then regains her couch, concealing
herself, and all she observed, from the hungry eye of Apollo
and the ever-curious Morning Star.

Gregory de Rocher will be reading "Artemis" at Goetry #3, the monthly open mic held this Monday night 9 pm, at Go Bar on Prince Ave. Artemis is the Greek goddess of the hunt. The illustration is a detail of a vase, circa 470 BC, Artemis drawing her bow; the goddess wears a head band, a deer-skin shawl, and a quiver strapped across her back.

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