"Lovers and poems" - Shafkat Khan

"Lovers and poems" - Shafkat Khan

Maybe poems are like lovers.

That when you meet a new one,
you forget about the old one?

The tingle you feel from the novelty 
of this meeting, of this romance,
makes you oblivious to 
the thrill and depth of passion
you felt for the last.
The new expression of love
somehow makes the old
redundant, although the old still rings true.

Maybe lovers are like poems.

The new one demands that
you love her just like
you loved the previous one, if not more.
The new one demands that
you create new dreams with words
and forget the old dreams
though they also were of truth and beauty.

With you,
I can't ever know
if I am your old lover
or your new poem.

Shafkat Khan was the featured reader at this month's Word of Mouth open mic event. The illustration is by artist Fumitake Uchida.

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