"Angel of Mercy" - Kodac Harrison

"Angel of Mercy" - Kodac Harrison

Just the other day I was sitting in the park watching an old man. He had a smokestack spewin' from his lips, a hole in his hat, and nothing at his fingertips -- except the city ... and everybody knows the city can be hard and cold if you ain't got nothin' to bribe it with, so he's competin' with the pigeons for the crumbs ...

But then along comes his salvation. She takes him in, puts a little soup in his bowl, a little love in his heart, because she's an angel of mercy.

Now when I got up this mornin' I felt like I was in some kind of meat grinder with a bunch of horses 'n kangaroos, maybe a few cows ... you know, this burger ain't the real thing! It ain't a hundred percent ... what's yer beef, buddy? But you know they'll chew you up and spit you out like spent Bazooka bubblegum ... somebody come along 'n step on ya, grind yer ass into the pavement as they walka-walka-walka-walka down the street ...

But then along comes your salvation. She takes you in, scrapes you up off the street, puts you on your feet again.

Because she's an angel of mercy -- she's an angel.

Kodac Harrison is the featured reader at tonight's Word of Mouth open mic, 8 p.m. upstairs at The Globe. After earning a BS from Georgia Institute of Technology, an MBA from Tulane, and leaving the Army as a first lieutenant, Kodac Harrison committed himself to a life as an artist. He's made 17 recordings of original music and spoken word, made seven tours of Europe, co-edited four anthologies of poetry, and sold his original paintings. He held  the visiting McEver chair of poetry at Georgia Tech in 2010. He is chairman of Poetry Atlanta and also hosts the award-winning Java Monkey Speaks weekly open mic in Decatur. In the summer of 2013, Kodac Harrison released The Turtle and the Moon, a book of his poems and lyrics. His latest music CD is The Lucky One [2015].

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