"Riding Coltrane Home" - Sharon D. McCoy

"Riding Coltrane Home" - Sharon D. McCoy
(a nonce sonnet for the New Year)

Sing to me, John, the reed’s vibrations
soaring and filling the empty spaces
with improvised hope.  Anticipation.
The promise of the lush life awakens

instead of crushing with its weight, swollen
ineffable impermanence, agony, dread -- 
not forgotten or defied, not fallen
or bowed, restless verve and growth unended

Purposeful, longing, improvised refrain
unlocking the creative force of shit
transformed, lush life that will not be constrained.
Lifting your breath in streams, wailing lyric

acceptance.  Embrace.  Vibrant pitch, swaying on
that impossible edge, death playing on.

December 31, 2014

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