"the bridge" - E.s. Sutherland

"the bridge" - E.s. Sutherland

the light like sweet sustenance
sets the people to swarm
like night bugs around a streetlamp
as I watch from an open window
voyeur to the pattern of things

every soul ablaze with joy's inferno
tiny sparks igniting sacred circles
the chain links of community
the realization that flying is a state of mind
of mine, of ours, the hours
of this oblong existence growing thin now
these ecstasies of ecstatic now-ism
like mortality could never pull us away

from all these endless moments of celebration
healing laughter that erupts from the gut
and fills the air with tiny bubbles of hope
every living thing caught up in it
enveloped by the idea of transcendence

to leap over the sadness
imprisoning us in this terminal condition
so skyscraper tall and suffering 
like an unmovable wall
the streaks of our life left behind
a bridge out of the darkness

E.s. Sutherland, from Lexington, KY, is a past featured reader at Word of Mouth. "the bridge" is from his 2007 book, incommunicado. He recently posted the poem to honor the 50 years since the crossing of the Edmund Pettus Bridge, March 9, 1965, in Selma, Alabama.

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