"What Lies Beyond This Great and Mighty Sea?" - Charley Seagraves

A sonnet for a glorious Easter morning.

"What Lies Beyond This Great and Mighty Sea?" - Charley Seagraves

The new day's waves spill softly onto shore,
While dragonflies patrol the dunes nearby,
And pelicans in tight formations soar
Beyond the blue, into a cloudless sky.
A peaceful breeze, as constant and as true
As love's sweet serenade, drifts out to sea.
It fades, then steals away into the blue
As I let soothing waves wash over me.
A cautious crab appears, then disappears
Into its sandy cave to lurk and hide.
On stilted legs a heron stands and peers
Above this royal blue and restless tide.
I stand alone in awe and mystery:
What lies beyond this great and mighty sea?

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