"S'Ain't" For Carl Lindberg - Michelle Castleberry

"S'Ain't" - Michelle Castleberry
For Carl Lindberg

Pedestal’s too high.
One gets dizzy 
and winded,
head-achy from squinting
to make out the faces below.

A saint, I ain’t.
I like to know
and be known
but let’s 
Some knowledge
is better adagio.

I am a fallen ladder
made of mud and music.
I need a lift
and a downbeat.

Oh brothers and sisters,
my dark side shows
and the light part glows.
Here we all are
part devil, part star.
Can we say
we’ll see
with gentle eyes?

Namaste, y’all.

Take me down 
from your shoulders.
Even that height’s too high.
Besides, it makes it hard
to reach my bass.
Makes it hard to look 
into your face.
And I need to see your eyes
to get a lift
and a downbeat.

Ah-one, two, 


Anonymous said...

god, yes. your heart is rich with the truth, michelle.

Unknown said...


Thanks for this poem it truly means a great deal and though we have never met, these words you have conjured for our fallen brother makes me feel like we are family. So again thank you for these words.

Our lives were genuinely changed forever since first hearing you sing Brainwash/ Hallelujah with the band Dubsconscious in 2006. Your loving spirit was truly available to all. Never a dull moment with you around my friend your passion for life and to connect with those around you was to be desired by all including myself, i can honestly say I have looked up to you since i was 17…hell I wanted to be you….just like you infact...a true role model who expressed himself honestly…..and heck thats pretty hard to do…. thanks for all the smiles and wisdom. So Long until we meet again……

Kevin and Mary and the Kuhn Tribe