"Triangles" - A poet bee

"Triangles" - A poet bee

Two triangles 
and rectangles 
dance along a jagged 
temperature line. 
They integrate degree-days 
in t' great 'n wee ways 
f' models that try 
predictin' when pupae, 
hidden underground, 
will eclose, 
complete metamorphosis 
'n moths will fly 
all around. 

As heat units accumulate, 
things go awry. 
Observed flight, 
expected night, 
big residual. 
Summat ain't right. 

So change parameters, 
question assumptions, 
sum it again.

Thermal thresholds way 
below freezin', 
too cold for growth -- 
red flag, bad bug, error. 
The math's correct 
but models 're not sailin', 
they're failin', not fine. 

Hey, I muss say, 
"Dese moffs are messin' 
wif' me mind!" 
What drives flights 
some nights, 
others not? 
Any secret pupal bank 
lurkin' behind? 
Sneakin' some out 
year afta year? 

What are der 
developmental cues? 
Is moon phase an 
instrumental fuse? 
Link weather 
cold and hot. 
Think whether 
storm pressures, 
soil variables, 
soakin' rain 
to use. 

So to solve the riddle, 
we tweak and fiddle. 
Den let computers strain 
ag'in 'n again, 
to wrap maths 
around moths 
and explain 
their mysteries. 

Illustration: "Dancing Moths," by Catherine Fasciato. 

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