"Why? Why? Why?" - Charley Seagraves

"Why?  Why?  Why?" - Charley Seagraves

I'd like to be a drug addict,
  but I can't afford rehab.
I'd like to treat you to lunch,
  but I can't afford to pick up the tab.
I'd like to fly first-class to Gay Paree,
  but I can't afford that flight.
I'd like to own a Ferrari Testarossa,
  but I can't afford a Ferrari's headlight.
I'd like to go to Olde Mexico.
  buy myself a sombrero,
  take a siesta on the beach in Cabo,
  pero, no tengo el dinero.

Why does everything have to be so expensive?
Why does everything have to cost so much money?
Why can't we all live the good life?
Why can't we feast in the land of milk and honey?

I'd like to make a movie with Brigitte Bardot,
  I think that would be groovy, but you never know.
I'd like to go on the road with Jack Kerouac,
  but if I were to do that, I might never come back.
I'd like to have a drink with Bukowski, one drink, no more,
  for I do not wish to end up sprawled on Bukowski' s floor.
I'd like to sing a song with Townes Van Zandt,
  if Townes would sing with me,
  a duet of "If I Needed You,"
  but I know I'd sing off-key.

Why can't we dream impossible dreams?
Why can't we let our imaginations run wild?
Why must we always be so uptight?
Why can't we celebrate our inner child?

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