"Nam from Mantucket" / "Navigation" - a poet bee



"Nam from Mantucket" - A poet bee   

Once our dyslectic pode
knew a nam from Mantucket,
who tried to catch
a thom with a bucket.
The thom rejected.
The pode interjected,
"Oh nam, just go
photograph it."    


"Navigation" - A poet bee   

It's rather absurd
if you haven't heard
that moths navigate
by the bright
of night sky.

Or try.

One, on a long flight,
confused by porch light,
came to a party.
The nam from Mantucket
had forgotten his bucket.
So the moth rested instead.

Beetle done with it.

And our pode went back to bed.


A poet bee's site is discover life [photo: Dr John Brackenbury / Science Photo Library]

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