"Florence and The Machine (My Boy)" - Red Stripe

My boy he's young, he's__
Innocent and sweet. He__
Doesn't know better so__you shouldn't treat
Him__like a toy__candy to eat
My boy's my friend and__
Oblivious, naïve.
I too was fooled, pulled__
Through the webs that you weave.
Like an unsuspecting fly, I__
Was caught in your neat
Presentation of beautiful__,
Of fabric, of sheets
To__be wrapped up  and had by__
Your hunger, deceit.
A joy to have love__,
But you got to be picky
With the words to define "love__",
With the girls, and the geeks
For the world is a bad cup__
Of morning coffee
When you realize what you had done__
Last night in your sleep.
With the teacher that had come__
To the student to "teach",
The preacher, the stepson__,
The daughter-the fiend__!
The moment you "had some__"
Was the moment he
Was confused__, was cast out,
And kept recalling the scene__.
Wanting more__but having none__,
Getting lost in the streets
Searching for__the woman__
To do what the previous
Devious vermillion vixen's deeds
Could only be described as __
"Wonderful heat".
Cause my boy is bad now__,
Why would I let repeat
My boy I have now__
Down the same painful sweep?
A toy he's not now__and never shall be
Cause I'm there__to back up__and guide where he needs__.

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