"SARGON'S HIGH SCORE" - Wyatt Anderson

Oh, I’ve had it!
But honey I’m not
hav-in’ it.
Cuz half of all
the words you spit
are wet judgment.
And all thought
to which you commit
is defined by peons
on the outside-
fickle, venomous.

Ever wonder why
hungry war porn flick
appeals most to obese,
passive audience?
Cuz the haves want
what they’ve not
gotten yet;
to recollect oppression
or fair recompense.

And just what
was the sentiment
behind Sargon’s then
high score that he set?
Remember, back at Uruk
the walls cried- halls bled.
He profess from death mask
direct to Gilgamesh.

“They’ll never beat this!”
and he chokes.
“Wherever I went,
let the next one go.”

And I had friend
who said life is stroll
through lush garden.
So when I lose my way
and fuck up the flowers
I guess I’ll beg
your per-dón.

No matter how far
and wide you roam
on God’s green earth
by the seeds we sow,
though we choose codes
to which we conform-
Yeah, you’re just a
new schmuck tryna
set a high score.

And the overuse
of the word ‘genius’
builds insecure organisms
all around, all abound.
Men grow
speckled exoskeletons to
goad all-too-attentive

Both in one reporter’s
professional opinion might
uncover greater fulfillment.
Like we’re all just crushed up
breath mints left
in this restaurant
of existence.

I grasp it.
But babe I’m never
fathomin’ it.
Cuz all the thought
balloons that I prick
emit bullshit.
And though I’m known
to bitch and resist, I’m
defined by peons
on the inside-
civil, hesitant.

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