"The Harmonics of Fall" - Bob Ambrose


"The Harmonics of Fall" - Bob Ambrose

When social loops resonate 
to unholy harmonics in a world 
wired close and wound tight; 

when the soundtrack of triumph 
sweeps your people, and sweet 
ideals are wielded as weapons; 

when the grievance is just 
too great to ignore and your mind 
is gripped in anger: go. 

Go into the autumn afternoon 
where out of stillness, peace 
descends as dry leaf flurries; 

where a thousand starlings speak in tongues 
of tiny angels timeless blessings 
to life, joyfully borne; 

where echoes of ageless minds 
penetrate prepackaged lives, 
and strife recedes to hush. 

When impelled by honor to act 
on a cause, engage as you must 
but withhold your own soul, 

for you are so much more
than your role. In the middle of winter
remember, remember:
you have felt the autumn breeze 
and sensed the inner harmony.
You have been blessed by birds.
Photo: Leaves and Light by David Noah. "The Harmonics of Fall" originally appeared online at Bob's blog Reflections in Poetry.

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