"WHAT LOVE LOOKS LIKE" - Mark Flanigan

"WHAT LOVE LOOKS LIKE" - Mark Flanigan


you like to hip and hop
I like to rock and roll.

you like reality TV
while I prefer mine
a bit more real.

I like white beans
you like ‘em black.
you like vanilla
I like chocolate.

me gusta taqueria mercado
te gusta el toro.

I needed a top
you bought me a bottom.

I returned the favor
by buying three types
of conditioner

you needed shampoo.

you like the left side of the bed
I like the right
you like the right side
I get the left
you like the left side
but sleep on the right
          and the left.

I like coke, you like sprite
I like coke, you like weed
I like you and you like me
you love me and I love you

and improbably

this may be the only thing on which we do agree:
I like that fact
and you like it too.
Mark Flanigan returns as featured reader at December's Word of Mouth, this Wednesday at 8 pm, upstairs at The Globe. This is Flanigan's seventh appearance as December's featured reader; he was the first featured poet in December 2009, and is co-founder of Word of Mouth Cincinnati. He'll be joined by fellow Cincinnatians Tim McMichael as well as Betsy Young of Aurore Press, which published Versus, Flanigan's shared book of poetry with Nick Barrows, in 2012.

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