"Another pole, cat" - A poet bee

"Another pole, Cat" - A poet bee

From East to West,
there's another pole,
unmapped by cartography.
Wild mystery
and history,
endlessly changing
and struggling,
across time's
long topography --

Hey, Cat, free yourself.
Exit your inside bubble.
Give the outside troll
her helpful toll;
leave behind
your pocket's
digital unimagination.
Explore and discover,
look and listen,
poke and smell.
Think what and why.
Learn when, where,
and how.
Now, who will you tell?
Will you get in trouble
if you find
and share
new secrets?
But your mind
will fly
so exceedingly,
excitingly well

A poet bee will be reading this afternoon, Saturday December 12, at the Athens Art Crawl. The Art Crawl is a multi-media holiday event featuring art, spoken word, and artisans at the Chase Street Warehouses, 160 Tracy Street, from 1 pm to 5 pm.

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