"Short order poem" - Sam Lane


"Short order poem" - Sam Lane

“I’ll be with someone else tonight, amuse me.”
She said, “write me a poem”. There was no twist
Of my arm for me to hear the jubilee in
and around Her voice, before she hung up.

Amuse me, dear muse. Take me with you
on this cold starlit night, back 10 minutes
Before sunset, before the sun was put on dial.
Take me back to when it was still a miracle.

She said write me a poem
and I won’t
But if I had it would begin:

The night is no longer sparkling wine
The resilient burn of an iron clad stomach
Is gone with a hiccup like the hope
That the stars won’t turn sideways
Or that the heroic night will keep the urge
Of morning at bay. There is no hair of the dog
For the rising sun.

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