"Vic Chesnutt is in Florida" - Zach Mitcham

"Vic Chesnutt is in Florida" - Zach Mitcham


I'm driving where I don't want to go,

and it's like you know,

the rain hiss off my wheels must

be covered up, so I turn you up,

which I must do, surely from time to time,

and think of you on the interstate

to Florida, where you hit those nails on the head.

The sparse piano fills every corner of your new high ceiling,

and your guitar is a painted face toweled clean

at the sink. I am a wretched voice with you,

chilled but loud in my soul,

which is just a car, and a fog                               

needing my sleeve to see the lines.

All I want is to turn around. The place I'm going

doesn't want me either. I'm off key with you, holding on

to your real aching line, respect to the man

who goes to where he wants to be, even if, even if.
photo of Vic Chesnutt by Óscar Garcia.
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