"the love poem" - Carly Landa

"the love poem" - Carly Landa
you are a celebration of gesturing and silences.
once; i tried to falcon the clouds
     but they were water so I spun a life of eating dirt
 and tunneled deep
then, like an orphan gone official
            i went to live with you a while
and so found the kind of dream which replaces a nightmare –
nothing could make me sorry   
a poet once said that: darkness
     will touch everything at once. and I thought
can it touch us? i thought i just want to be closer i thought can we
create our own darkness and in so doing touch all things at once:
the blood that is the street
the water that we used to paint the atmosphere
the open map that is the sky
but the poet must be wrong. darkness
is not that kind a thing.
so in my poem i’ll be accurate, and honest and list the things we want:
1.  we want the earth to remember us
2.  we want our pets to love us
3.  we want people like ourselves - not to be friends with us necessarily but to want to be friends with us
4.  we learn to want the things that people tell us we can actually get 
like the foxes who say why have we not been eating babies this whole time i mean they just sit there while you eat them
which are the ridiculous things we think of when we cry in the dark of our closets which we will do sometimes
until the room becomes a forest around us ivy on our cheeks and our ex boyfriends rubbing our backs
and it defies their nature i think but their hands are smooth and even, heavy and silent so we fidget
mouthful of moons and teeming with secrets and
one day when this closet becomes a real forest
i will laugh like an actual flower
singing & budding & wilting
see i thought once that a woman needed secrets
that she lived in a world made
of secrets and silence
like: a blood stained rag under
the bed frame a root system
or the bedded floor of an ocean
you see -- my father gave everything
and all he got were girls
we taught him the secret ways of women
and he answered us 
with silence. and I grew up to understand that
i would never know the ways of men
they are the world above an ocean
the space that they inhabit is a like a sky -- but now
I am a celebration of vibration
now no one can make me sorry
now I am learning how to falcon
every skybound feathered thing
I am made wild with every kind of noise
and he answered with a silence
and so I countered with a verse
"the love poem" was read at Word of Mouth on February 3. The poet started a "60 poems in 30 days challenge” on February first. You can find it at problemanimal.wordpress.com

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