"Enola Memoriam" - Joe Milford

"Enola Memoriam" - Joe Milford

we are so good at war
and war inspired so much art
and music which inspired
us to war also made us hear
how to thread towards war or art...

and your mouth twists so differently
but the same when you say
war or art
rat or raw
how we are the best at war or art
in the universe
makes us human

how a painting or engraving
of a wave violently crashing
always made us pause

or want to conquer

all of the oceans

[above photo: celebrating the anniversary of the Bikini Atoll atomic test, 1946. "On November 7, 1946 the bizarre photograph was published as the centerpiece of the Washington Post's society column under the headline 'Salute to Bikini' ... "]

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NYC_Atlanta_Pete said...

Joe, great work! Wow. Thanks.
- Peter Manos