"feature creep" - aralee strange

"feature creep" - aralee strange (Dec 5 1943-Jun 15, 2013)

smart phone notebook nubile mobile
laptop iPad Blu-Ray teevee
Blackberries you cannot eat
iPods you cannot plant
Nanos you can see with naked eye
world's gone wireless and free hey!
we're drowning in words with nothing
whatever to say

and by the way? the grey men
the ones pulling the strings
the ones you'll never see on CNN?
don't give a good goddamn what you
post petition boycott censor or condemn
you are a Consumer
you are one among Billions
predictable manageable expendable You
are the Bottom Line

tell you what Intel's processing
24/7 your little grey cells
sign up log in check out
uploading your data
codifying your demographic
selling you out

watch how it goes
goes with the flow
flows fast and crude
no time for reflection
here we go hi ho! hi ho!
busy busy busy with the mind-
dead industry of the doomed
a raging money machine
running on empty

what to do what to do

the heart knows holy's
the same as it ever was
and thus you pray
however you do
and lo & behold!
you get what you love
and if you are lucky
not much frightens you
and if you are listening
a small voice is telling you

dig in deep
keep your tools sharp
your friends close
and your feet on the ground
keep your fences mended
play your cards close to the vest
learn to like cold turkey

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