"Outdoor Lecture on Locust Husks" - Gregory de Rocher


"Outdoor Lecture on Locust Husks" - Gregory de Rocher 

Observe that, to molt, cicadas pick pine bark.
Try to hear the atrophied shells crack with glee during the din.
You will notice that, unlike the massive and elastic films
Clouding and covering human speech,
These fragile chambers vibrate with precision
Long after the flight of the soul to greening groves.
Singleton discovered that their renascent voices
Rehearse again and again this same raspy tale while,
By some natural accord, the marooned hulls, still,
Still register strains recalling our own spirit,
Unable to keep its place because it learned
There is dear little hope of molting
When the skeleton is within.

Gregory de Rocher is July's featured reader at Word of Mouth, Wednesday July 6. Open mic sign-up is at 7 pm and readings begin at 8 pm upstairs at The Globe, corner of Clayton and Lumpkin Streets in downtown Athens.

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