"It was bound to happen" - Patrick Conley


"It was bound to happen" - Patrick Conley

it was bound to happen
so much rage
at the injustice
such an overwhelming feeling
of hopelessness...

some one was bound to crack
under the weight
and lives
and hearts are shattered
beyond any hope
of being
made whole
ever again

so now is the time
it has to be
that we remember
those hugs
those knowing smiles
that time you made a fort
out of old linen
and ate popcorn
watching Finding Nemo
and drifted to sleep
feeling safe
secure with the ones you Love

These Times are still happening
the snug warmth
the kiss on the head
the Hope and Faith
that I'm not the only one
who believes
in Love

It's gonna be Alright
Because I Know You
and I Know
You're gonna hold that embrace a lil longer
You're gonna hold that glance a lil longer
and you wont miss another opportunity
to Express Love
We Can Do This
but it's gonna Hurt

photo: Patrick Conley, June 2014

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