"Mother Less, Mother More" - Melisa Cahnmann-Taylor


"Mother Less, Mother More" - Melisa Cahnmann-Taylor

Mother Goose, Mother Guess
which Mother he'll love best:

Den Mother, Done Mother,
Fit Mother, Fat Mother,

Stepmother, Stop Mother
Hip Mother, Hot Mother,

Grandmother, Grind Mother,
Smother All the Time, Mother,

Motherlode, Motherland
Mother Bored by All She's planned,

Host Mother, Post Mother,

Skip the Jokes and Roast Mother,
Pocket Full of Post-Its Mother,

Ring Around the Collar Mother,
Pinch a Penny Now, Mother,

Mother Speaking Motherese,
Mother, May I? Mother, Please:

scrambled easy, slice of cheese.
Find a Mother, pick her up,
& all the day you'll have a Cutlet,
Folded Laundry, Full Service, a Spa;

Mother Cheering, Mother Swearing
Sis-Boom-Bah! Mother see

as Mother do: Bad Mother,
Good Mother, Done the Best She Could

Mother. Now You See Her,
Now You Don't, and You Never Have

the One You Want.

Melisa "Misha" Cahnmann-Taylor is the featured reader at Word of Mouth, Wednesday September 7 at the Globe. Sign up is at 7 pm. Open mic begins upstairs at 8. Avid Books will have her new collection, Imperfect Tense, available for sale during the evening [$15]. 


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