"Mystery" - Clela Reed

"Mystery" - Clela Reed

Don’t ask me why,
this harvest of moons
in bright October.

Studding the beach like cabochons,
each moon jelly holds a lucky clover
     of pink inside, four horseshoes
etched in sea glass, fitting amulet
for a being without a brain.

All month they glow on the shore
as you and I take our necessary walks
—alone, together,
or alone together.

Beautiful, doomed, they dry in the wind,
tentacles tangled in foam.
Their vitals afloat in a paperweight dome

we peer into, as though to find some
answer we can pin down, hold firm
in the clarity of morning light.


Clela Reed will be a featured reader at an evening celebrating poetry and natural history at the Special Collections Library, UGA campus, on September 14. There will be a reception afterward and a question-and-answer session with participating poets Philip Lee Williams, Clela Reed, Robert Ambrose, Jr., and John Pickering. The free event is being co-sponsored by Word of Mouth and Friends of the Georgia Natural History Museum. Visit the Poetry and Nature: a Natural History Reading Facebook page for complete information about the event.

Clela Reed is the author of four collections of poetry. Her full-length books are Dancing on the Rim (Brick Road Poetry Press, 2009) and The Hero of the Revolution Serves Us Tea (Negative Capability Press, 2014); chapbooks are Bloodline (Evening Street Press, 2009) and Of Root and Sky (Pudding House Publications, 2010). She has had poems published in The Cortland Review, The Atlanta Review, Valparaiso Poetry Review, Caesura Literary Magazine, The Literati Review, Storysouth Journal, Clapboard House Literary Journal, and several others. She has recently returned from Peace Corps service in Romania during which time she wrote weekly in a blog, www.clelainromania.blogspot.com.

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Dac said...

Looking forward to your presentation on September 14th. Thanks for your participation.

-- Dac Crossley, Friends of the Georgia Museum of Natural History,