"Justice is a word we use every day" - Aaliyah Nowell


Justice is a word we use everyday, why do we kill and steal that's

the question that gets thrown away
You can’t even walk out your front door, that's why we seek justice the right way
With the risk of losing your life to senseless acts of violence.
This world we live in ain’t no walk in the park, so why so much silence
Better lock up the loose strings and commit something that’s worth something
You're either the slave or the boss which one do you claim?
They call us the great country, who do you serve the king or the queen
Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but where is the life and liberty,
When Bob is being robbed and he can’t get a job
Where is the Life and Liberty when Jessica can’t even play with her toys without being shot
So I say again they call us the great country but what’s really great?
People dying everyday from senseless acts of violence from all different race.
Why do we kill and steal that’s the question that gets thrown away
“The dead cannot cry out for justice, it is the duty of the living to do so”
What are we going to do? Oh you know Continue to watch each other self destruct or are we going to come together to make life better
I know it’s hard, but we have to try , we can’t succeed if we don’t believe we can fly
Instead of coming together when Bob kills Rick or Jimmy kills Justin
Instead of coming together when Bob kills Bob or have we learned our lesson
Instead of coming together for Black lives matter
The real question is do Black lives matter or do all lives matter?
“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” can you hear the chatter
I’ll ask you again are you the boss or the slave which one do you claim?
Stand up and be recognized by your name

Aaliyah Nowell's poem has been selected for the Discover Life Poetry prize to a Clarke County high school student. The $250 prize will be given Wednesday evening at the Nature and Poetry event at the Richard B. Russell Special Collections auditorium and presented by John Pickering, retiring professor of the Odum School of Ecology.
The free event featuring four poets reading on the theme of poetry and nature begins at 7 pm, and there will be a reception following. The evening is co-sponsored by Athens Word of Mouth and Friends of the Georgia Museum of Natural History.

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