Three poems by Stephen Wack


The Toddler

I am the forgotten toddler
melting between the leather seats of
your locked car
parked far enough away to not get
your doors dinged where
you’re still inside arguing with the
fourteen-year-old cashier over
your receipt where
you were still charged for a box of
buy one, get one free

The Tourist


I am the wheelchair-bound tourist      
touring the sixth floor of
your burning historic building
forever sitting before
your elevator doors as
unresponsive as
my legs
re-reading the sign:
over and over and over
The Football

I am the orange Nerf football
stuck in the gutters of
your summer home
long enough to watch
you grow into
someone who
wears purple lipstick and
flicks cigarette butts over
the fence into
the neighbor’s backyard and
laughed really hard when
their dog got really, really sick
that one time from eating
them all
Stephen Wack is the featured reader at Word of Mouth open mic, Wednesday November 2. Sign-up for open mic begins at 7 pm and readings start at 8 pm upstairs at The Globe, corner of Lumpkin and Clayton Streets in downtown Athens. 

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