"Keep your head, and spirits, up" - Mark Flanigan

As many of my sensitive comrades wake up today with heavy hearts and hangovers, I would like to remind them that individually we are not defined by any body of government but our own. If the current government body chooses to put a brick in the wall, some other body just as soon can pluck it back out. Maybe at a price, but that is the nature and strange reward of being on the right side of history.
 We are not defined by the inherent flaws of democracy..., but simply challenged by it. I think many of us are better prepared to meet that challenge now that we have experienced something somewhat heartening in the last 8 years, and maybe we will be more vigilant about it now that much of what we not only believe but know (ie. global warming, kindness, civility, etc.) is threatened. Keep your head, and spirits, up. Both are needed now more than they were yesterday.
- Mark Flanigan
 From the SHOOT website:
Kristian Goodard in his essay, The Resilence of the American Flag, blogged this: 
Robert Mapplethorpe's American Flag photograph from 1977 is one of the greatest examples of the resilience of the American Flag. There is something fragile and defeated about the image, and yet it is testimony to the endurance of the flag that, despite its appearance, still flies in the wind.

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