"A Poem for Katherine: Part One" - dn


I moved to Athens for a relationship

but the woman I moved for

threw in the chips

she flipped the script

jumped ship

she split

straight switched / eclipsed

she dipped

& quit being the love of my life.

She was no longer a woman I recognized

She / hypnotized me

with her lies

She / literally pulled

the wool over my eyes

She / came at me

cloaked in disguise

& I was none the wise-er

I believed her.


wearing brass bangles & cowrie shells like she was nature’s Black woman

made of Mississippi River & Georgia red clay,

but I should’ve seen thru her when she covered her gray

w/temporary dye in a can.


She grandstands

throws rocks & hides her hands

makes promises that can’t withstand

they don’t demand

an absolute truth.

& I promise you this ain’t no I hate her poem.

It’s an I thank her poem

A gratitude poem

for reminding me that my gut knows better poem

that truth & love will have the final word in reality poem

an appreciation poem

for reconnecting me to my divine self poem

for re-centering my attention on the universe poem

a thank you poem

for getting out of my way so I can meet her poem



is like a rose that grew from concrete

That blade of grass between my feet

That gust of wind in summer’s heat

A neat glass of scotch

No rocks

No chill

Just smooth & ill

like 1980s hip hop

Got me wantin to dance to EZ Rock

Cuttin a rug w/the pop & lock

Bustin thru a crowd w/shell tops

& a big ol’ clock

around my neck.


She’s a rainbow in a cloud

A disco ball spinning light on crowds

The silence that makes the quiet loud

& I quietly want to love her.


I want to breathe her in

like I am pulling a Cohiba.

Bask in her glory

like delighting in the Orisha.

Take her hand

& make her my senorita

She’s muy bonita

& if she let me,


I’d kiss her all over her face--

my hallelujia for God’s merciful grace

cause coming to Athens ain’t been a waste.

I found a light in a shadowed space

A reminder that love’s all over the place

If I just wait

& let it be.

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