"Are Mystics Unaware?" - Eugene C. Bianchi

"Are Mystics Unaware?" - Eugene C. Bianchi


I have put duality away, and I have seen

that the two worlds are one: one I seek,

one I know, one I see, one I call. (Rumi 1207-1273))


So much suffering:

famine in Sudan, children

killing children in Chicago,

endless war in Syria and Iraq,

prisoners of conscience languishing,

disease of body and brain,

while mystics seem unaware,

talking about peace in divine light.

Cat Max suddenly jumps into my lap,

scattering my wordy pages seeking answers,

his reply of blue eyes and compassionate purr

embraces the ancient drama by going deeper,

like mystics letting breath and mantra

help them feel the pain, dwelling

in a fuller meditative space,

allowing time for the lingering sadness

to birth kindness and active care,

as they refuse to despair

over our broken story,

holding hands of the dying in hospice,

defending the wrongfully imprisoned,

checking the temperature of a sick child,

taking in the war refugee,

even the monk immolating himself in protest,

all in the stubborn oneness grasped only in part.

--Eugene C. Bianchi, Athens, GA, July 25, 2017

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