"Pace" - Michael Keating



"Pace" - Michael Keating

check all the locks
front, back and front again
can’t neglect
the one in your skull

switch all the stoves
conductive heat
flick a cigarette
in the kitchen sink
it’s only left

check back in
the conversations
rattling between thought confusion

look at every image
for planned differences
that were put in
children’s magazines

count your missteps
and notice all
the errant bricks
just don’t trip

self medicate and
catch the card trick
to try to cheat it
and get your ass beat

pace but not
try not to quantify
other’s lives

take your ambien
and lithium
while figuring
how to sleep

on your sins
you’re no good
for nobody

likely from
your pessimism
or drug addiction
or brain contusion

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