"Surrender" - Eugene C. Bianchi

"Surrender" - Eugene C. Bianchi
“…there’s nothing wrong with impermanence, suffering
and egolessness; they can be celebrated. Our fundamental
situation is joyful.”  (Pema Chodron, “When Things Fall Apart”)
Disappointment and anger on a cold afternoon
when we arrive to do a poetry program
the cultural director neglected to schedule.
It may be why I chose a dark Christmas blend
to shake the blues at a favorite Starbucks reading
Chodron on unfounded joy.
Death ahead is all around our shaky traces,
much as we deny it even in old age…
rather than criticize, we reschedule,
because who knows the pressures on the director?
Better to feel our feelings and let go,
aware of brokenness and compassion . . .

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