"A Weekend Concert for Copernicus" - Joey Connolly

"A Weekend Concert for Copernicus" - Joey Connolly
   “Listen dear readers with your eyes and ears
   And you shall hear the music of the spheres;
   Cosmic cha cha for millions of light years
   Use your imagination to shift mental gears.”

(the bands you'll miss on gravity-free Friday)
Red Shift and the Sonic Boomers
Martin Marietta and the Boeing Boeings
General Relativity and the Theorists
The Cosmic Cupcakes
Neut Rino and the Boson Particles
Professor Astro Cat’s Frontiers of Space
Simon L. Taneous and the Super Novas
Todd O’Globo & the Globular Clusters
Doctor Dud and the Dwarf Star Thuds
Red Giant and the Yellow Suns
Lead Boots and the Lunar Landers
The Duke of Drones with the Martian Rovers
Plutocrats Redux and the Planetoids
Singularity & the Thresholds
(bands on Saturn’s Day)
Galileo and the Galaxy Girls
The Milky Wayvers
Sailor Star and the Hawk Kings
The Oristas of Everything
Orbit Elliptico & the Copernicans
Asteroid and the Meteorites
Sunny Saturn and the Ringers
Tobor and the 8th Dimension Dudes
Iggy Imploder and the Big Bangers
Astral Project - Alive and On the Inside
Heavy Waters and the Light Years
Gravitas with Ambient Pressure
Dark Matter and the Right Stuff
Dirk Energy and the Unknown
(closing the concert stage on the day of the Sun)
The Doppler Gangers
Scrunch Up the Photons
Quirk Quark and the Fibonacci Storks
Trans Planckian and the Timestoppers
Kepler’s Katzenjammer Kids
Tycho Brahe & the Silver Nose String Band
Feynman’s Future Four
The Jetsons' Jug Band
My Favorite Martian Music Band
Interstellar Overdrive
Buck Rogers Photon Energy Band
Atomicritus and the Anti Particles
Fang Lizhi and the Celestial Dragons
Hubble’s See Farther Sextet
Nicolaus Copernicus was born in Poland on 19 February 1473. [The painting: "Astronomer Copernicus, conversation with God" / "Astronom Kopernik, czyli rozmowa z Bogiem" is by Jan Matejko, 1873]

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