"Take away my paintbrush" - Eileen Clark

"Take away my paintbrush" - Eileen Clark

I lie awake and miss you in my heart

longing for your touch

yearning for your words

I miss you

and you become everything

you become the Prince Charming I always wanted

riding away with me on your magical horse

finding my shoe at the ball and searching all over town to find me

you become the air I need to breathe

when I was perfectly capable of breathing on my own.

you become the end game

the final goal

the winning shot

the perfect answer

you become Adam

before original sin was brought upon man


unscathed by evil

you become my fairy princess

granting me several wishes

telling me to pick wisely, but not to wish for more

because you can only provide so many wishes

you become the sunset and sunrise

your storm clouds fuel my garden

and allow me to dance in their rain

your smile is rejuvenating

and your hands are warm

as the dark days are painted over by my paintbrush of longing


the perfect remedy to forget everything that has ever happened

the ideal fix to any broken relationship

the final ingredient to unhealthy conversations

the bandaid

that tapes over the holes you left last time you were here


paints over my past

and creates a brighter future

filled with hope and love and reconciliation and broken promises

taking away the pain of the old

and inducing excitement of the new


the only drug I need to forget who I am

where I was

where I am

and where I want to go

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