"Gender & Other Viruses" - Farley Upjohn

"Gender & Other Viruses [Venditto’s 1999 study of Billy-George and Certeau’s 1992 discussion of 4th-6th century discussion of ecclesiastical transvestitism]" -- Farley Upjohn

Am I myself?
Are we myself?
Or parody, or parody
of parody’s tough
realms, selves that
glance the other
over shoulders’
evaluations, vanity’s
dumb fool, holy
fool, fish-eyed fool?
Like monk Simeon [*]
I raise my skirts, disrupt
liturgies, ride whores’ backs
who flog me, I am grateful,
I play the world along.
Madness isolates me in a crowd
idiocy my confining cell
in crowds that fear yet hope
for meaning in my madness, yet
no —
I am no nostalgic absence.
I play the world along.
For though
fluxes hemorrhage beyond
changes’ bodies’ borders
chaos has its rules too,
so —
and cursed by that knowing,
I am no salos, holy fool.
I mark by my banality
conveyance’s evacuation
—what I mean is I don’t mean
anything, so diagnose me.
[*Simeon of Emesa in Syria

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