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Anonymous said...

Two audio examples currently available here on the WoM blog site: a recording of my feature reading at the Globe in early October, & an earlier recording from a reading in Louisville, Kentucky (current sidebar feature on the site).

The quality of the Globe recording is almost completely accidental due to the fact that the recording device was arbitrarily situated out in the room where the reading occurred. ALL recording devices are contingent upon the quality of the source : at the Globe, that meant the sounds emitted by 2 amplifiers. What’s crucial is that the sound picked up by the device is manifestly NOT a pure sound : those wavelengths & frequencies coming from those 2
amplifiers are immediately corrupted by the fact that sound waves bounce & collide & degenerate & cancel one another out WILLY-NILLY... the room in which this occurs serves to MAXIMIZE aural confusions, no matter where the recording device is placed in that room. It is a law of acoustic probability as unforgiving as chaos itself. The recording device will only capture whatever accidental blend of sonic confusion comes closest ... any listening to the recording bears this out : the recorded reading is a far cry from what living ears actually heard that night. Again, there is a law at work, and that law has to do with the incidental placement of the recorder amidst aural chaos. The circumstance is unforgiving, period.

The quality of the Louisville recording is NOT accidental, and the reason is this : the microphone is plugged into a mixer, and the recording was made directly off that mixer. Acoustic chaos was thus circumvented right off the bat. The proof is in the quality of the two recordings ... let your ears give the lie. Pay attention now : THIS learning curve is for EVERYone. The source of the sound that was recorded was the mixer into which the
microphone was plugged ... accept no substitutes ! The human voice, in particular the delivering voice of the poet, is a rare & vastly complex entity, full of expressive nuance. There is both science & craft involved in the recording of such a delicately balanced phenomenon. Poets are rare birds, true, but their VOICES in Performance, well... even rarer, oh my.

Whether or not the Globe mixer is one that the WoM braintrust can use to make truly accurate recordings remains to be seen, but that very clearly is the task at hand. Anything else is wholly accidental and, thereby, not at all worthy of the proscription that paying attention radically demands. I make these observations in full awareness of the possibility that they might be viewed as churlish or even ungrateful... I would counter such reactions by noting that the Word of Mouth site is itself a wholly unique project. To document the existence of a feature/open poetry series in the current national climate of rampant verbal illogic & crudity is greatly to be abetted by all who care for WoM's continuing mission : if anything, my remarks here are meant to inspire participation by any & all parties able to clarify & even rectify the process of documenting the Ineffable. Contributions of expertise & wisdom toward that end are herein heartily solicited...

-Ralph La Charity

Anonymous said...

Keep the poetry coming.

Anonymous said...

All praise to both Aralee & Matt for having solved the problem of making quality recordings of the monthly WoM readings... as of 11-03-10, that task has been made no longer onerous.

My particular thanks to Aralee for her rendering of her poem, "Live before Strangers" ... I was deeply touched by the clarity of emotion her voicings achieved with that poem, as well as by the tribute to yours truly her composition gave
out into that specific rainy night in Georgia -- it's going to make the journey thru the upcoming Winter months up hereabouts in Cincinnati a lot more upbeat & promising, oh Yes...

And all who read on the live microphone from now on at the monthlies there at the Globe can rest assured their voices WILL be captured with like fidelity... the reading series has entered into a whole new phase wherein accurate aural documentation is the new order of the day. Lucky y'all !

-Ralph La Charity

Resident Geek said...


Due to technical difficulties of the AA variety - portions of the 12.01.10 reading were not recorded. Apologies to those whose readings were not preserved. The technical staff of mouth has taken steps to prevent such occurrences from happening in the future.

Thank You,

Unknown said...

World Poetry Day
21 March 12
Not another protest, but an OTHER protest